Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Jean Claude CHALHOUB - Personal Appointments (free information from Companies House)

Because of his strong foundational understanding of business, he is equipped to supply to worldwide markets skillfully and efficiently. Jean Claude Chalhoub (Aller sur le site sur Jean Claude Chalhoub)’s organisation spans multiple countries on most continents. Because of the head-start his childhood granted him, jean claude chalhoub is exceptionally prepared to manage all aspects found in the corporate environment.


Jean Claude Chalhoub's studies began in Egypt, where he continued his schooling and then went on to work towards his bachelor’s degree in economics in France. His country of residence and parents helped him to begin his education early on. Diversity of culture and background is an example of one of the great things that Jean Claude Chalhoub's father and mother brought into his life. This prepared him for learning about a variety of languages and walks of life. He is able to build a close relationship with, and understand customers due to his learning and knowledge of the languages that the majority of his clients use.

The ability to speak four to five languages assists him in communicating with customers and clients effectively. Jean Claude Chalhoub`s most remarkable skill is his power to interact efficiently and to create trust between himself and the people he meets. The business is active in a number of markets. Chalhoub has the ability to understand the various aspects associated with these a lot more effectively due to the fact that he can communicate in several languages.

Jean Claude Chalhoub and his Hobbies

Another of his hobbies is sailing. He has his own boats which he often sails, most commonly far out at sea. Jean Claude Chalhoub holds an interest in horse racing. As a way to complement this, he decided to buy a racehorse which has taken part in contests throughout the world. The planet is full of wondrous locations and sights that enchant him, so he travels often.

Jean Claude Chalhoub became a member of staff with his family’s company after completing his education in France. The expertise he has acquired from the varied positions he has undertaken in the organisation has left him with a deep comprehension of all aspects. Working his way up in the business has granted him the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve outstanding successes. Due to his perceptive understanding of the industry, Jean Claude Chalhoub knows what will make his company a success.