Marc Ooms - Biographie

Marc Ooms - Biographie

The Fruit Farm Group - The Future

Long-term sustainability and social commitment are extremely essential to the company's plans. Like most effective organisations, The Fruit Farm Group has some exciting and big plans for the future. Marc Ooms (Zonebourse) and other shareholders are assuring the tomorrow of the corporation with long-term sustainability. By engaging intimately with local cultivators, Marc Ooms and The Fruit Farm Group hope to enrich neighbourhoods.

Who is Marc Ooms?

In Ganshoren, Brussels, Marc Ooms's mother worked a well-thought of role with the Family and Social Affairs department. Marc Ooms was delivered into the world in November 1951 in Etterbeek. Today, he is a happy and warm dad to three daughters and has lots of grandchildren.

Marc Ooms's Educational Background

Along with his formal work, Marc Ooms has realised a lot from functional, working experience. Marc Ooms secured a much more intense look into the world of business via studying for his degree. He finalised his BSc in Business Administration which helped to prepare him for a lengthy, thriving and diverse professional future.

Marc Ooms's association with Greenyard Foods

Marc Ooms joined back in the year 2011 by developing into a determined and accomplished Member of the Board. Via Greenyard Foods, he works closely with a firm that has a clientele which boasts many of the major supermarket chains and retailers in the world. Greenyard Foods began life about fifty years ago (long before Marc Ooms became a member) as a somewhat simple firm. The establishment has increased dramatically in size, with about 8,200 staff members covering 26 unique countries.