Marc Ooms -

Marc Ooms -

The Bright Future of The Fruit Farm group

Shareholders like Marc Ooms (About) are trying to motivate the neighbourhoods they work intimately with as they proceed to build the group. He and other investors are guaranteeing the future of the group with sustainability in the long-term. Like most profitable corporations, The Fruit Farm Group has various big and exciting ideas for the future. It would appear that Marc Ooms will delight in a very vibrant, involved and fulfilling tomorrow with The Fruit Farm Group.

Marc Ooms's mum was the alderman for the Family and Social Affairs office in Ganshoren. Nearly all of Marc Ooms's early years were enjoyed with his nearest and dearest in Ganshoren. He was raised being the eldest son and stayed at home with his parents and his four brothers and sisters. Lately, he is a loving, caring and proud parent to three daughters and has lots of grandchildren.

Marc Ooms and the Arts

Marc Ooms is a regular browser of lots of art exhibitions and museums. He views and values a range of separate types of art for a hobby. Marc Ooms diligently tracks the current art industry to continue to be informed about the latest art.

Marc Ooms's association with Greenyard Foods

The corporation has increased enormously in size, with around 8,200 employees covering 26 different countries. Greenyard Foods started out life nearly 50 years ago (long before Marc Ooms joined) as a pretty small firm. Sustainability and freshness are crucial to Greenyard Foods’s growth strategies.

Marc Ooms - The Fruit Farm Group

Since the formation of the company, Marc Ooms has assisted in encouraging it to specialise in the more popular fruits including apples, bananas and pears. The organisation has gained a position in six different countries which span across three continents. They have accumulated almost 5,700 hectares of land, 3,900 of them are utilised for the growing of fruit. Marc Ooms, along with The Fruit Farm Company, seek to deal with local farmers and growers to provide the high quality of the items they offer to worldwide clients and customers.

Seeing an establishment in full functionality from a pretty early age would probably have impacted Marc Ooms's outlook. At one stage in his professional life, he got a managing position with a recognised investment company. Marc Ooms remained significantly active with one of Belgium's most recognised private banking organisations until his retirement in 2011.